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GTech Gaskets

GTech Gaskets

Designed and crafted with their high-quality, Hydro-Fused® construction, GTech gaskets are purpose-made for aftermarket requirements. These gaskets are designed to be extremely resistant to searing temperatures and corrosion, thus ensuring long-life and durability.

Low-flange sealability and torque retention

To develop a gasket with excellent low-flange sealability and torque retention, the GTech gasket is created using high-density, bonded, gasket sheet material. For further quality assurance, components are sourced from Interface Solutions, a leading American-based manufacturer of premium composite material.

GTech Gaskets’ precision finishing

CNC machinery ensures precision finishing down to the micron, for a gasket that keeps a lid on heat and prevents leakage from interfering with your engine’s normal functioning. GTech is also 100% solvent free.

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