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Tyndall Shock Absorbers
Shock Absorbers

Tyndall Shock Absorbers

Tyndall Shock Absorbers present the perfect harmony between affordability, reliability and support. Crafted with a scientific blend of mineral oil to ensure a smooth and comfortable driving experience, Tyndall shocks offer superior performance in both hot or cold working conditions.

Tyndall shock absorber certification & warranty

All Tyndall Shock Absorbers and struts are ISO/TS-approved and certified by DQS in Germany and carry a carry a 5-year warranty. While the hardened, chromed piston rod is microscopically inspected and endures a 72-hour salt test spray, ensuring the ultimate smooth, rust-proof surface which increases the life expectancy of the multi-lip oil seal.

The multi-lip oil seal is the world’s first class ‘NOK’ Corporation Seal which is put through a fatigue and endurance test of 2.000.000 cycles.

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