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TYC Automotive Lighting

TYC is a lighting expert.

TYC, built on decades of experience and technological advancements, strives to bring safety and happiness to people worldwide. With a strong focus and dedication to each product, they hope to become a beacon of light in every corner of the world.

Quality Automotive Parts with road Safety Assurance.

At TYC, we endeavour to meet the demands of market trends by providing high-quality products.

TYC produces vehicle lighting products that are tested and certified by reputable authorities, in compliance with specific territorial regulations and standards.

TYC is committed to taking on new worlds, new technologies and new dreams.

Bringing safety and a smile to people is what has driven them all these years, and is what continues to motivate them daily.

Hence, at TYC, they put a lot of focus and devotion on each one of our products in the hope that TYC will one day shine on every corner of the world.

For more information on TYC Auto Lighting products, kindly send us an email at

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