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Founded in 1994 by a team of two, with a single shipping container of automotive inventory, our goal was to make a significant difference in the motor industry by supplying aftermarket products that offer unrivalled range and quality.

We worked with manufacturers who could deliver exceptional products at a competitive price.  We also invested in partners who were as uncompromising towards quality as we were.

Grandmark now engages in direct supplier agreements and has long-standing relationships with most of the original equipment manufacturers (OES) and aftermarket manufacturers that we deal with.  These relationships ensure that Grandmark supplies automotive, aftermarket parts of the highest specifications at the most competitive prices.

What We Do

Trade in the automotive, aftermarket parts industry

Grandmark International trades in the automotive, aftermarket parts industry, marketing and distributing an extensive range of quality automotive, aftermarket parts.  We own quality brands such as Deselra, Flint, Grandmark Glass, GTech, Movo, Murl, Plexus and Solid. We are also proud distributors of OEE parts such as Philips, Nissens, Mahle, Champion Lubricants and BGA, to name just a few.

Offer a vast range of skills and experience

Supported by a central distribution warehouse, equipped with high-tech inventory management and dispatching systems, located in Jet Park, Grandmark International headquarters is based in Johannesburg, with offices and warehouses countrywide, as well as in Namibia. We have a diverse workforce who bring a vast range of skills and experience to our table, ensuring our steadfast focus on improvement.  All of our branches are supported by dedicated teams who are customer-focused, committed and always willing to offer friendly assistance.

About Grandmark International

Our Growth

4000+ Grandmark customers

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our specialist management teams, today more than 4000 local and cross-border customers trust Grandmark for professional service and premium products. Our team now comprises over 900 proud employees who make a tangible difference in the way that we do business. Consumers, parts retailers and vehicle workshops are assured that Grandmark consistently strives towards the highest levels of service, quality and safety.  Grandmark continues to grow due to the high demand for quality parts and our ability to consistently meet these demands.

Highest-quality automotive aftermarket parts

With an enviable reputation as one of Southern Africa’s leading providers and distributors of the highest-quality automotive aftermarket parts, Grandmark supplies a wide range of parts and components for passenger and light commercial vehicles.  Our product offering includes air conditioning and cooling systems, auto body and lamps, brake systems, shock absorbers, suspension and steering parts as well as a range of under-the-bonnet and auto electrical components.  Also offered is a wide range of Grandmark automotive glass, including glass accessories for passenger and light commercial vehicles, trucks and busses.

65 000+ automotive products

Our warehouses nationally carry over 65 000 automotive products covering the full spectrum of replacement parts.

Our Mission Grandmark International

Grandmark’s Mission

Grandmark’s mission is to improve lives – the lives of our staff, by making Grandmark an out-of-the-ordinary place to work; the lives of our customers and their customers by providing high-quality products at exceptional value; the lives of those in our communities through our social responsibility efforts.

Our mission supports an understanding that we all rise and fall together as a society.

Grandmark Values

Grandmark’s Values

Our values, known as the ‘Grandmark Spirit’, are what make us strong and set us apart from our competitors.  By following our values in everything that we do, we have built a culture of success, teamwork and respect for each other and for those around us.

By aligning our values with our mission, we have created a company that we are all very proud to be a part of.


Grandmark is one of the African-based shareholders of Temot International. TEMOT International is a leading, Strategic Value Network operating in the Automotive Aftermarket industry. It was founded in 1994 by five European companies and, since then, has been expanding continuously all of over the World. With their HQ situated near Düsseldorf in Germany, the organization today consists of 89 shareholders spread all over Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia.

TEMOT International shareholders, among the best and brightest automotive aftermarket organizations, provide a comprehensive range of products, services, systems and concepts. They produce aggregate total revenues in excess of €10.6 billion, employ directly more than 35,000 people and maintain direct, or indirect, affiliations with 25,000 garages through various garage concepts. TEMOT International shareholders pursue a common goal, namely sustainable, profitable growth through peak efficiency and optimised effectiveness.

About Grandmark

About Grandmark

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