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Auto Cooling

Arduous, bumper-to-bumper commutes have become part-and-parcel of city life. This type of driving takes a toll on your vehicle’s engine. Fitting high-grade auto cooling products from Plexus, Mahle and Nissens will help to reduce engine wear and ensure reliable motoring.

Grandmark’s aftermarket auto cooling parts

Grandmark stocks a wide range of aftermarket cooling parts such as radiators, condensers, fans, intercoolers and heaters, and we cater for most passenger vehicles and trucks. Our products are made from quality aluminium and resilient polyamide plastics to help deliver optimised temperature control and longevity. You can find out more about our lines by browsing our brands section.

Grandmark’s range of automotive cooling parts

We stock the following cooling parts

  • Fan Blades
  • Heaters
  • Intercoolers for Passengers & Trucks
  • Radiator Fans & Shrouds
  • Radiator Overflow Bottles
  • Radiators for Passengers & Trucks
  • Thermostat Housings
  • Thermostats
  • Viscous Couplers

For more information on the availability of auto cooling components, kindly send us an email at

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Available Brands

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