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SOLID CV Joints are precision-manufactured to OEM specifications, made to the highest-quality design and performance as a standard. CV joints, or Constant Velocity joints, allow power to be transmitted from the gearbox to the wheels at a variable angle with a constant, rotational speed. Grandmark carries a wide range of CV joints for front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and certain rear-wheel drive vehicles.

SOLID’s complete CV Joint kits

When purchasing a Solid CV joint from Grandmark, a complete kit is supplied to give you value and peace of mind:

  • Complete CV Shaft: CV Shaft, Fitment Gloves in most cases, in other cases Gloves, Clamps and Grease
  • Inner CV Joints: CV Joint, CV Boot, Clamps, CV Grease, Circlip and Gloves and in some cases bolts
  • Outer CV Joints: CV Joint, CV Boot, Clamps, CV Grease, Circlip, Gloves and bolt or nut
  • CV Boot Kit: CV Boot, Clamps & Grease

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