Champion Filters

Grandmark stocks a wide range of Champions filter products including air filters, cabin filters, fuel filters and oil filters.


Champion provides the perfect OE-matching, quality replacement parts to protect your engine from unavoidable on-the-road issues while harnessing maximum potential from your vehicle. Champion’s range of air filters maintain optimal air-fuel mixtures, guarantee peak-power performance and assist in keeping engine efficiency high in order to reduce excessive fuel consumption.


Available for 92% of the European vehicle fleet, Champion Cabin Filters are developed according to the most stringent OE requirements. These filters guarantee optimal performance and protect not only against fine dust but also against pollen, road dust, abraded particles, soot, bacteria, industrial fallout and other ultra-fine particles that could be hazardous to your health.


Champion offers a comprehensive range of both petrol and diesel fuel filters. The OE-matching, quality filters are a key component that protect vehicle engines and are designed to avoid power loss, damage and poor starting properties. Champion Filters provide maximum filtration efficiency and safeguard against potential fuel contamination.


Champion Oil Filters remove solid particles, such as combustion residue, metal particles, dust and other contaminants, from the engine oil. Thanks to their OE-matching quality and design, these filters ensure a continuous oil flow and maintain the lubrication of the oil at all times. The quality range of Champion Oil Filters ensures a longer-lasting and smooth-running engine.

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