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Torch Spark Plugs

TORCH Spark Plugs

At Grandmark, we are proud stockists of TORCH Spark Plugs, an international Top-5 rated spark plug, conforming to ISO/TS 16949 standards and certified by TUV, an OE supplier.

TORCH has over 50 years’ innovative experience in ignition coils, ignition leads and a wide variety of special ceramic tools and accessories. TORCH has an advanced R&D department with senior engineers carrying out research and designing new developments to keep up to date with the current market.

Grandmark – stockists of TORCH spark plugs

The TORCH range at Grandmark is not only affordable, but also suitable for an extensive range of applications including, motorcycles, automotive vehicles, gardening, marine, agriculture, aviation, and industrial applications.


Torch utilizes a wide variety of special materials, from standard Copper-core to Platinum and Iridium. These materials are used for the centre and ground electrodes of the spark plug, igniting the air fuel mixture and increasing the life expectancy of the spark plug for today’s modern vehicles.

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