With quality at the forefront, BGA offers an extensive range of timing belt kits and components as well as timing chain kits. The OE-quality range provides customers with a viable choice in a competitive market. BGA parts fit a wide range of vehicles including both petrol and diesel vehicles by all major European and Asian manufacturers.

Time Belt Kits

BGA Timing Belt Kits and Components are subject to rigorous tests and manufactured from the latest materials, providing the customer with peace of mind and confidence in the product. In addition, bolts, washers and related parts are supplied in selected Timing Belt Kits. Available parts in the range include:

– Timing Belts
– Timing Belt Kits
– Timing Belt Kits with Water Pump
– Individual Timing Components
– Extended 24-month/24,000-mile warranty

Timing Chain Kits

Timing Chain Kits are subject to thorough testing before being approved by a skilled team of Technical Engineers: the timing chains are tensile-tested, guide arms are material-tested and tensioners are functionality-tested. Furthermore, sprockets, chains and tensioners are all hardness-tested to ensure materials meet the highest quality standards.

The three available kits include: K (Kit), FK (Full Kit) and VFK (Full Kit including VVT sprocket).

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