Plexus Cooling Products

For more than 20 years, Grandmark has made its presence known in the Automotive, Aftermarket Spares Industry in South Africa, as well as in neighbouring countries. Along the way Grandmark has created private label brands that have proved to be market leaders. One such brand is the PLEXUS range of automotive cooling parts, a range which started with radiators and grew to include just about everything under the umbrella of automotive cooling, such as:

– Radiators
– Electric fans
– Condensers
– Intercoolers
– Thermostats
– Oil coolers
– Expansion bottles and tanks
– Viscous clutches
– Fan blades
– Pressure caps
– Antifreeze

Grandmark buys from only leading manufacturers – those that are consistent with supply, as well as those that embody superb quality. Grandmark continually strives to ensure the best pricing with no compromise on quality – the quality you get today, you are guaranteed for years to come.

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