Deselra Braking Components at Grandmark

Deselra Braking Components

With over 1600, E-Marked Deselra parts, including; brake pads, shoes, discs and drums, GrandMark provides one of the widest braking system ranges that the country has to offer. The E-Mark certification is regulated by the Economic Commission of Europe (ECE) which ensures a higher quality standard than regular OE pads.

Using the latest technology and highest quality steel, Deselra’s friction material has been developed over 25 years’, in a factory that produces over 35 million sets of brake pads per year, to provide an affordable, environmentally-friendly and asbestos-free alternative without compromising on quality and maximum safety.

Deselra Brake Pads are manufactured using a unique compound which reduces noise (squeal) and provides a smoother pedal feel when braking whilst maintaining driver confidence. As part of on-going quality assurance, Deselra products are performance tested over 30,000km in the USA and Germany, achieving 9.9 out of 10 in the noise level category, where the benchmark is only 7.

All this means is that you’re guaranteed a product that ticks all the boxes when you purchase Deselra, a promise we back with our 12-month Max Force money-back guarantee.

Deselra Brake Discs at Grandmark
Deselra Brake Shoes at Grandmark
Deselra Braking Components at Grandmark
Deselra Calipers at Grandmark
Deselra Brake Pads at Grandmark

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